Construction Cleanup

Why Junkster to Clean the Construction Site?

You or your crew probably dont look forward to throwing away trash and often end up too busy to be attentive to just how cluttered the site can get. That often means work paced is slowed and even mistakes end up being made. With Junkster you dont need to stop progress, just call us up and we will swoop in and remove the junk. You and/or your crew just keep working doing the stuff you know best.

Do We Demo?

We dont have the resources to demo a high rise but when it comes to pulling out some drywall or an old vanity we do and we do. Light construction demo and/or cleanup are a service we offer. Our crew members have experience in the field too so they arent going to show up and ruin your project or job.

Does Each Cleanup Need to be Arranged Separately

We usually try to balance cost across each time you call us so that you pay the same price each time. That depends on job scope though. Generally we dont have a problem keeping your pricing the same but we will absolutely give you a new estimate before starting any job if the scope of the job changes.

We Dispose of the Waste Responsibly

Construction waste is often considered hazardous. Junkster makes sure to dispose of all construction cleanup waste according to EPA and local regulations.

Dont Mess with a Dumpster, Call Junkster

That title almost managed to rhyme. To use Junkster just schedule a time and we'll get rid of the grime...Booking with us is easy. You can book online here or call us at 470-426-9650. We will come out to your site at a time convenient for you and give you an estimate, if you like the price we come ready to work.