Landscaping Cleanup

We'll Haul Away all that Bramble

We can handle the bramble and help you get rid of some of the most annoying clutter: yard waste. Most areas do not offer any pickup for landscape junk. Even those cities that do they can be slow and often have requirements on what and how much they will pick up. With Junkster on your side you no longer need to worry. The pile of branches or mountain of landscape timbers wont have to sit for days or weeks yellowing your grass.

Do We Have Limits?

Junkster does not have limits on what yard junk we will take. This doesnt mean we can take a full load of tree stumps in one load though. Dense material like wet wood will exceed our weight capacity quickly. One decent size tree could end up quickly counting as a full load. Beyond that though we do all the lifting, moving, hauling, and disposal.

Any Differences VS Junk Removal

Yes. Where very large, heavy, and/or difficult junk removal jobs will incur surcharges we often have jobs with yard waste were we have to do lots of work to break down large brances (sometimes even requiring a chainsaw) or are dealing with poison ivy, oak or sumac or even huge logs left from a tree removal. All of those instances carry surcharges. When you look at our price those prices, as they pertain to yard waste, apply most closely for homeowners who have cleared out branches, or have grass clippings etc.

So Give Me an Idea of the Pricing

We cant tell you exactly how much any job will cost until we see the job but we do give you a free no obligation estimate before we start any work. What we can tell you though is that lots of logs add up quickly and usually end up causing load size to be based on weight rather than volume.

Dont Make Your Grass Suffer, Call Junkster

If you dont feel like dealing with the thorny work of dragging off your landscaping remains we are here to help. Book us online or give us a call at 470-426-9650 and have Junkster clear out the clutter.