Large Loads Junk Removal

What Constitutes a Large Load?

A large load of junk to us is anything that fills at least half of a load to a full load. Usually this describes a living room's worth of furniture and some extra clutter thrown in. You can view our example here page.

What is Different About Large Loads

Large loads generally require more effort on our part not only because of the volume but usually the number of items. Most jobs we can complete in a reasonable amout of time but sometimes, especially with jobs involving lots of small things, we need an extra crew member or longer than the two hour time window.

So What Happens When You Show Up to Haul a Large Load

With most of our bookings we a lot two hours to complete the job unless we see that the job will take longer. Additionally we normally send two crew members. When we show up we will look over what you need removed and any extra problems we see with doing the job and based on that provide you with an estimate. If you are ok with the estimate we will start the job. Almost always we can finish the job within that time frame. If we arent able to and have to go another customer we will reschedule with you to complete the job at your convenience and at no additional cost to you.

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