Decatur Georgia Junk Removal

Who is Junkster?

Junkster is Decatur’s best kept secret - for now. We are a hot, new, junk-removal company with plenty to prove. Our staff of friendly locals knows what it means to be buried in junk, and they’ve perfected the art of getting rid of it! We handle items and projects of all sizes, from mattress removals to complete home clean-outs. We are pros at recycling as well, and being environmentally friendly costs nothing more. Junkster: Let us focus on your trash so you can focus on your life!

What Do We Do with the Junk

Junkster considers you like a neighbor. When you call us for your junk removal needs we not only strive to be professional but also friendly. When we do a job it reflects on us and our community so we do it the best. The junk we remove isnt all trash. Much of it is regular recyclables and even more are things we donate but one of the most proud re-uses we've found for junk is to give it away to makers, builder, crafters, and artisans around town. At some point we are going to add a gallery to show off the amazing things customers stuff has been turned into.

Why You Should Use Junkster

Junkster Junk Removal will remove the burden of moving, hauling, and disposing with one simple call.

About Decatur

Decatur is the seat of Dekalb County Georgia which officially contains a portion of Atlanta proper on the east side. Incorporated in 1823 at the head of two indian trails. In the 1960s the affluent population mostly abandoned the city and property values plummeted. Since then some large devlopments in Decatur and the growth of Atlanta have caused a major revival for the city. Decatur prides itself on having a small town feel by including its residents as much as possibly in determining the direction and development of the city and is now considered one of the most culturally diverse parts of Georgia.