Dunwoody Georgia Junk Removal

Junkster, huh?

Junkster solves an issue we all face at some point: how to get rid of all that clutter. Big furniture takes a truck or trailer and a crew to move it, the small things just seem to populate every nook and cranny and once we add them all up, they transform into a big thing. No need to fear it anymore because Junkster is here to help. You set an appointment we do ALL the work. All the disassembly, all the lifting, all the hauling, and all the disposing. All you have to do is book our crew.

About Dunwoody

Dunwoody is a city of 50,000 residents and a suburb north of Atlanta. The city was only incorporated in 2008 although the unincorporated city/town is much older having first been established in the 1830s by major charles dunwody. A baptist church still remains fully in tact from 1829 in the city and is still active. A railroad, the Roswell Railroad was opened later and Dunwoody was a crossroads stop which allowed the town to grow and proper. Later the railroad was closed but the town did not suffer. During the 1960s and 70s a push for mmodernization brought the city into modernity and Dunwoody eventually incorporated following the lead of Sandy Springs. Today it is a realtively affluent community focused on family and community.