Kennesaw Georgia Junk Removal

Who is Junkster?

Junkster Junk Removal is a local company of haulers all from Georgia, making a living helping our friends, neighbors, and hopefully you with your junk removal needs! Pass the hassle to us, and save yourself the time and headache of going to the dump and recycling center. Book an appointment today, and let us take the clutter off your hands and off your mind!

About Kennesaw

Kennesaw is a city in northwest metro Atlanta home to around 42,000 residents. The city has a lot of history. Pre Civil War Kennesaw was known as Big Shanty due to the number of shantys built to house migrant workers and eventually renamed to Kennesaw which was borrowed from the native american work gah-nee-sah. During the war they were the site of The Battle of Kennesaw Mountain. The mountain is now a popular state park and treasure hunters sometimes still find buried relics at the park. Kennesaw is now a bustling city of about 32000 residents and like many of its neighboring cities has been voted one of the best cities to raise a family.