Sandy-springs Georgia Junk Removal

Easy Service

Booking the Junkster crew is simple enough schedule an appointment online or call us and our crew will do all the lifting, all the careful maneuvering, and all the disposal. You get to enjoy your cleaner house, fill up your empty\ office space, or begin planning how to enjoy your new free space all without having to do more than give us a call.

We are a Local Company

Junkster Junk Removal isnt a national chain so we have to uphold our reputation of professional, efficient, and friendly service. We enjoy helping out our friends and neighbors to keep our cities clean.

Youll Feel Great Getting Rid of Your Excess Stuff

One of the best ways to help give you peace of mind is getting rid of distractions like junk and old clutter taking up space around you. Junkster junk removal makes clearing out all that stuff easy letting you reclaim your sanity.

About Sandy-springs

Sandy Springs is a city just north of Atlanta of about 95,000 residents. The city was only recently incorporated in 2005 after a long struggle to incorporate and fend off annexation by the city of Atlanta. It is known as a relatively affluent suburb and borders other similar cities. Sandy Springs sprang up slowly from a single estate and was finally urbanized after state highway 400 and insterstate 285 were built through the town and linked Atlanta to Sandy Springs. Today the city is a thriving suburban, family oriented city with a modern workforce where IBM, Cisco, Oracle, and AT&T are among the top employers.