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*Prices reflect charges for standard junk removal services. Actual charges may vary for jobs that require disassembly, removal of items with extra disposal fees, and jobs requiring movement of heavy or complicated items. We give all customers an in-person no-obligation quote for all jobs before starting any work.
Convenient for removal of a few larger items especially mattresses and furniture items. Use the "By Load Size" option when many items or smaller items make up what is to be disposed of.
*Heavy items, very large items, items that require a special disposal fee, items that require disassembly, and difficult to remove items will incur extra fees. Items meeting these criteria will discussed with customer and an exact price will be quoted before work is started.
1 item
Removal/Disposal of a single item like a mattress, a couch, or a table
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2 items
Removal and Disposal of two items. Convenient for a mattress and box spring or frame
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3 items
Removal and disposal of three items. Useful to remove an entire bed including mattress, box-spring, and frame
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4 items
Removal and disposal of four items. Good option to get rid of a living room set
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5 items
Removal and disposal of five items.
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6 items
Removal and disposal of six items.
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7 items
Removal and disposal of seven items.
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8 items
Removal and disposal of eight items.
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