Single Item Disposal

Will Junkster Pickup Single Items?

We do! Single items make up a decent portion of our work. The great thing about single item disposals is that we can give you an estimate from the website with our flat rate pricing structure. This means you have a little more flexibility in getting rid of your junk: you can put your item at the curb or arrange for a short time window for us to pickup the item. This way you can continue with your day comfortable that code enforcement or a neighbor arent going to take offense.

What is Special About Single Item Disposal?

Single item disposal is a term we use to describe junk removal jobs involving a few larger items. We provide this as a service for you to get rid of a something like a living room set or a mattress and box spring while knowing both what the cost will be just by checking the website and at a slightly cheaper rate. Since we know what we will be picking up we can guarantee pickup within the window of time you select.

What Else is Special About Single Item Disposal?

Most disposal companies dont even offer the service as a flat rate so you dont know what to expect when they show up. We offer a transparent look into the pricing. One item has a set base price with a few possible surcharges if the item is very large, very heavy, in a hard-to-get-to place, requires disassembly, or requires special disposal fees. That might sound like a lot but rarely do we get a job that surcharges are required and even then we make those transparent from the website.

So What Single Items Do We Take

We take pretty much anything we are legally allowed to. Some examples of junk we have removed: Mattresses Couches Furniture Pianos Home Gyms Hot Tubs Old Vehicles Tables Desks Refrigerators Hot Water Heaters Boats Lawn Mowers Ovens Washers Pool Tables Big Hulking Televisions

So What Dont We Take

There are some things that we are not equipped to dispose of and legally are not even allowed. Mostly this means hazardous liquids. We have only run into customers with hazardous materials a handful of times. If you are wondering if we can haul away your possibly hazardous junk, call us at 470-426-9650 or send us an email

Transparent Pricing

We do our best to make sure you know your exact cost to have your single item removed. If you have a complicated situation, a particularly large or heavy item or just want to double check just give us a call and we'll be happy to give you an exact price over the phone.

Set Your Appointment Today

If you're ready to take advantage of our easy single item disposal service visit you can book the job online or give us a call at 470-426-9650 and let us handle the rest.