Small Loads Junk Removal

What is a Small Load?

We gave an example on our pricing page. Small load describes just a few items but nothing very large.

What is Different About Small Loads

We are called out for small loads usually in one of a few cases. Often a realtor or property manager has to clean out a trash bag or so of leftover items from a tenant who has moved out or a homeowner has some hard-to-dispose-of junk like dried out paint cans or a pile of electronics.

What Happens When I Book a Small Load

Booking an appointment for a small load has the advantage that we can complete the job in the window youve booked. When you book your pickup, we will show up during the time youve scheduled and complete your junk removal job with our usual fast and friendly service. You can be sure that the job will be done in time.

Book Your Job

If youre ready to get rid of your junk and say hello to a clutter free home, book a pickup with Junkster. You can book us online or call us at 470-426-9650.